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Our Passion

For over 25 years, since 1991, 80024Support.com has been exclusivly focused on the singular issues of customer care and technical support.

We are Passionate about:

  • Helping companies transform their business into NPS (net promoter score) factories
  • Being agents of positive change with customers through advanced strategic partnerships
  • Driving significant value from existing and similar budgets
  • Disrupting status quo with "instant relief" solutions that open the door to strategic possibilities and ROI's
  • Being on the forefront of the most innovative support solutions available
  • Simply being as strategic as possible. Worker harding and thinking smarter than others
  • Being accountable for results.

Driving transformational change via great customer care
Our Focus
For over 25 years, 80024Support.com has been exclusively focused on customer care and technical support outsourcing services.   We have helped many of America's top brands build customer-centric operations with high Net Promoter Score, Customer Communities
Our Vision
"To change the world, one awesome interaction at a time"
We mean this both literally and figuratively, as we partner with our customers for transformational success
Our Mission
We are a four (4) bottom line company. We seek annual accountability for each:
#1 Employee Satisfaction (EPS), #2 Customer Satisfaction (NPS), #3 Financial Bottom line                                          #4 Community Impact
Our Values
We features 9.1 strategic values that were built directly by our employees.  The pact that exists is that employees can expect the company (80024support.com) to live our values, and the company in turn can expect our employees to live our values.
Our Values
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