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PeopleCloud Support Platform...
the ultimate solution for today's demanding customers

Customer Specifics

Customer Support communities that we serve:

We strategically partner with our customers:

  • Internal Employees: IT Servicedesk operations
  • Your External Customer Communities (B2B2C). 

  • Initial Solutions: Modernize all aspects of support operations for today's world
  • Second: Help engineer truly customer-centric operations
  • Third: Help drive and support "Net promoter" business scale

Fundamental problems that we solve: Companies that...

Who we work with ...

  • Have "Outdated" or "Stale" support operations (Capabilities)
  • Seek to Modernize their Customer's Experience (UX)
  • Are struggling with High-Costs of support ($)
  • Lack Strategic Value from Support Operations (Value)
  • Wish to become truly "Customer Centric" (UX)
  • Wish to drive best-case Financial Practices ($)
  • Seeking strategic capabilities to achieve business objectives
  • Seek to compete based on high quality care of their customers (QOS)
  • ​Subscribe to "Net Promoter" strategies (NPS)
  • Enterprise orgs with (4-100) support staff
  • US Based HQ Companies, often with global operations
  • Companies where Quality is key to brand
  • Companies that wish to be "Customer-Centric" 
  • Established companies or "funded" startups

A Few Customer  Comments...

"We view 800-24 Support as a true business partner ... You have changed our world by continually working with us to find new and better ways to serve our customers and always listening to our feedback and taking it seriously and always acting on it. Our customers' worlds have changed, they can now contact Thermo Fisher's IT Help Desk 7 days a week 24 hours a day which they could never do before ... "
Paul P. • Director, Global Technical Support and Customer Service Operations • Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc.
"800-24 Support's training of their techs is sound and effective, and their management team is excellent at responding to our
needs. We could not do what we're doing with our e-learning business, as successfully as we are doing it, without
PAi's help. Their ongoing support service is so much appreciated and important on a larger scale than even they realize.. "

Some of our Customers...