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the ultimate solution for today's demanding customers

A Different Type of Strategic Partnership

80024Support.com Key Differentiators

For over 25 years, 80024Support.com has delivered Support solutions that:
#1 Meet our customers current needs with best option service solutions
#2 Help our customers build customer-centric operations with the highest net promoter scores possible for maximum business results
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    (0-100%) Customer Control
    Imagine, all the upside of Strategic Outsourcing while INCREASING levels of control! Maximize risk controls during onboarding and transition and transfer responsibilities when you are ready with full confidence.
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    Open book pricing
    We take transparency to the ultimate level with full open book pricing and stated profits This allows for true collaborative partnerships with our customers for key decisions every step of the way
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    Consultative Business Process
    Everything that we do is based on your defined needs and opportunities. From there, we build unique support solutions within a defined framework for max results. We continue forward with our consultative approach to maintain organizational alignment an drive strategic results.
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    Open and Flexible Architecture
    PeopeCLoud operations feature an open, flexible architecture to form the best v1.0 solution possible based on current customer operations. Budget and risk friendly approach can then be evolved over time (where appropriate) with full customer control
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    Two stages of Benefits
    Stage 1: v1.0 solution is designed to meet current customer needs with a defined, best available service solutions Stage 2: Via a defined, strategic and collaborative roadmap process, build Net Promoter operations as a key differentiator for growing your business
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    Great Data and Information
    From day 1, PeopleCloud operations deliver complete data and information sets to understand: * Service quality * Production and utilization data * Service level attainment * Financial ROI's
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    Future Proof
    PeopleCloud Unifies all types of resources into a single cloud environment. When a new management practice, technology or cost effective labor strategy is identified, it can be integrated to the model itself in the next iteration.
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    Think Big Again
    Matching Vision, Mission and Strategic Customer initiatives allows management teams to think big again. 80024Support is ready to be that partner to help you get there.
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    Global Footprint
    We can staff your program in the USA, Canada, Mexico or any region in the world to meet your specific budget, customer experience levels. Mix and match workforce elements in a single cloud environment for the optimal solution.