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A few imporntant documents for your review. Each highlights some of the key concepts that form the underpinnings of our PeopleCloud Service platform.
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    Oracle: Modern Customer Service
    A highly informative whitepaper published by Oracle that describes the future of customer support via omni-channel communications. A defined strategy doc for supporting today's demanding customers.
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    Bain Capital: Net Promoter Score
    Bain Capital www page that describes Net Promoter Score (NPS) concepts and benefits. A great place to start your transformational journey toward becoming a truly customer-centric organization. Understand the science behind the strategy.
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    Bill Gurley: On the Road to Recap
    Bill Gurley, a well known Venture Capitalist describes the reality of modern day growth challenges and the changing reality for capitalization in today's markets. Learn why strategic outsourcing is more important than ever.
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    IDC: Supporting the Customer Expereince
    A genuine look at the requirments and components for delivering the modern day customer experience
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    80024Support Case Study
    Read first hand about the potential strategic value of our PeopelCloud support solutions. High NPS Scores as a basis for growth is the ultimate business scenario.
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