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PeopleCloud Support Platform...
the ultimate solution for today's demanding customers

PeopleCloud Support Benefits

A series of benefits that will transform how you compete and grow as a business

PeopleCloud Roadmap Support Benefits:
- 2 "Stages" of benefits... 

  • Stage 1: Best available customer support services for your "get started" needs (v1.0)

  • Stage 2: Long- term, transformational  benefits (ROI's) by building Customer-centric operations with  high Net Promoter Scores NPS (v2.0+)

Often, PeopleCloud support budgets:

  • Are budget neutral or better
  • Shatter Make vs Buy calculations
  • Drive ROI's with 1000+% returns over time
  • Deliver on the promise of Strategic Outsourcing

80024 support always performs a complete financial analysis as part of our consultative process

PeopleCloud & Services Roadmap Benefits

  1. Immediate: Cost Savings
    Regain control over all aspects of support costs through innovation: * Lower Costs through capabilities * Control direct costs via management * Drive ROI's that make solution costs moot
  2. Immediate: User Experience
    Deliver the most modern customer experience available today: * Preferred self-help capabilities * Full mobile, omni-channel communications * Access to an all-in-customer-centric environment
  3. Midterm: Freedom to Focus
    WE: Focus on customer experience (support) YOU: Focus on Product innovation and Business Growth TOGETHER: We build a high satisfaction customer community with the best Net Promoter Scores
  4. Midterm: Confidence
    Featuring critical Data and a Trusted Partnership Have the confidence to lead toward: 1) All-in, Customer-Centric operations 2) NPS based scale and growth strategies
  5. LT: Customer-centric culture
    Real Transformational change requires Vision, Leadership, effort and time: Incrementally build an "all-in" customer-centric organization that drives customer loyalty and brand retention via a defined strategic approach.
  6. LT: Growing an NPS Company
    Outcompete your competitors and the market itself by using high NPS Scores as a key differentiator for your Marketing and Sales efforts: Ideal for disruptor business models or market share objectives.

80024Support.com features a consultative process to: 
  • Get started with an optimal v1.0 solution, given your needs today
  • Deliver Pay-As-You-Go framework capabilities for your needs tomorrow

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