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Customer Care and Technical Support Services

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"Companies with high Net Promoter Scores (NPS), Outgrow their competition by greater than 2x"

- Net Promoter Systems 2013
For over 25 years, 80024Support.com has been delivering the most innovative customer care and technical support solutions available
80024Support.com features a consultative process that delivers rightsized support solutions for each customer given their unique requirments.  We feature a customer-controlled, strategic roadmap that allows customers to begin with v1.0 "Get Started" services and then transition (when and if they are ready) toward our v2.0+ PeopleCloud Managed Services Platform.

We feature pay-as-you-go strategies that allow customers to manage  Risk, cost v performance and our collaborative, partnership every step of the way.
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80024Support.com: General List of Servcices

Brief Service Descriptions:

HelpDesk Services:
Primary role is Tier 1 helpdesk services for specific products, applications or user communities with uniform needs.  Primary capabilities include: Single point of contact, standardized process, knowledge& policies for somewhat repetative transactions for Tier 1 issues.

ServiceDesk Services:
Enhance the helpdesk function with more advanced workflow management for Tier 1-3 issues, more advanced communications, data reporting and service level management.  Integrate more functions into a singular, engineered workflow based environment for robust customer care and tech support.

Special Service Packages:
Packages are meant to be supplimentary "add ons" to exisiting helpdesk or servicedesk functions...either your exisiting functions or ours.

PeopleCoud Managed Services Platform: 
Is 80024support.com's premier service offering.  Our PeopleCloud Service platform delivers a complete, engineered ecosystem for driving the best end-to-end (e2e) customer experiences possible and to achieve high Net Promoter Scores and the associated ROI's.  PeopleCloud is meant for organizations that are ready to build a truly cusotmer centric organization as a strategic basis for their success. Customer acquisition, retention and loyalty.

Please see additional PeopleCloud Service Platform description below.

PeopleCloud  Service Description

  • CAPABILITIES: Today's customers demand support on their terms when they want it.  PeopleCloud delivers leading capabilities such as omni-channel communications (including social media), self-help solutions (Tier 0) and mobile access to deliver the best user experience (UX) possible. Any time, any where, any method.  full access to the best professionals.

  • STRATEGIC OUTSOURCING: Our PeopleCloud Service Platform features an open, engineered framework that integrates all aspects of support operations into an Enterprise, Cloud Based environment. Leverage the extreme benefits of strategic outsourcing while more effectively managing: Costs, Risks, Control, Flexibility, Finaincial Practices, Core Focus and Collaborative Partnership(s).

  • RIGHT-SIZED SOLUTIONS: Our strategic roadmap allows companies to pay-as-they-go and evolve PeopleCloud operations for each stage of their business growth. Ultimately, building a highly competative company with customers at the center of their universe.

  • High Net Promoter Score Customer Communities: Companies must engineer complete End-to-End, high satisfaction customer experiences consistently over time and growth in order to achive high Net Promoter Scores.  This involves collaborative efforts for Customer Care and Tech Support, high innovation of products and services, and high differentiated marketing and sales efforts to drive brand loyalty. PeopleCloud operations represent an ideal framework for organizations to quickly pivot toward net promoter based growth and scale.   

  • "Companies with High Net Promoter scores out perform their competitors (with average scores) by a factor of 2x" - Net Promoter Systems 2013

Key Point:  Our Services form a strategic roadmap that customers control
  • Stage 1: Best available customer support services for your "get started" needs (v1.0)
  • Stage 2: Long- term, transformational  benefits (ROI's) by building Customer-centric operations with  high Net Promoter Scores NPS (v2.0+) via PeopleCloud operations

80024Support.com's Services and PeopleCloud Support Platform Features:

  1. 1
    Fully Custom Solution(s)
    Given our 30 years of support leadership, our consultative approach leverages a defined, open architecture, framework to form fully custom solutions based on your specific needs. Get started today and evolve for tomorrow.
  2. 2
    (0-100%) Customer Control
    All upside and no downside. Maintain any level of control that you wish while obtaining the benefits of strategic outsourcing and a strong strategic partner. Transition responsibilities when you are ready with full confidence.
  3. 3
    Ala Carte or Turnkey Solutions
    We feature a consultative approach for defining "get started v1.0 solutions". Initial solutions could be a full turnkey platform solution or an ala carte service package to address an immediate need.
  4. 4
    Data and Analytics is key
    Enterprise data capabilities allow for the best management practices possible. No longer make ill informed decisions about how you manage your customers, develop your products, services or seek to grow your business.
  5. 5
    Graceful Scale
    Match customer management solutions with your stage and scale of business by adding capabilities via a pay-as-you-go strategic roadmap.
  6. 6
    Open Book Pricing
    We feature fully open book pricing so we can make joint, strategic decisions every step of the way with our customers. We seek transparency in everything that we do. No secrets.
  7. 7
    True Net Promoter Operations
    Great Customer Support operations lead to high Net Promoter Score Customer Communities. Out-Compete your competitors with higher customer sat scores, better products and more effective marketing efforts
  8. 8
    Leading EnterpriseTechnologies
    Take advantage of today's leading cloud based, enterprise technologies to deliver capabilities that today's demanding customers require. Literally modernize all aspects of support operations overnight while lowering costs.
  9. 9
    A Trusted Partner
    80024support has been singularly focused on customer care operations for over 25 years. Align with a trusted partner to grow your business in the most strategic ways possible

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