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PeopleCloud Business Process

Our Approach to Pricing:

Specific pricing is presented in an "Open Book" format with full transparency and is a primary output of our consultative process. (both for initial solution and ongoing operations)
Our Business Processes and Partnership Management Programs put customers in charge every step of the way to ensure that: 

  • All solutions are always Right-sized
  • Customers can directly manage outsourcing risks on a (0-100%) basis
  • We feature partnership, data and transparency to help make key decisions and drive value

80024support manages the consultative business process on behalf of our customers.  Our goal is to make things as easy as possible for our prospective customers, while driving a process that delievers a thorough understanding of best strategies forward, regardless if a partnership is formed or not.

Expected customer investment through steps 6 is trypically 30-60 minutes for needs assesment and analysis. Process varies depending on extent of potential engagement

Our 9 Step Business Process

Initial Business 
Case & Fit ID

Step 1: Initial Needs Assesment & Business Case Info

Typical initial call / meeting = 30-45 minutes total

An intelligent discussion to understand a potential customers current situation:
  • Technical Support and Customer Care requirements
  • Business Status, Plans and Strategies
  • Potential impact of High capability customer support operations
  • Initial Fit and next step ID
Risk / Management Assesment

Step 2:  Risk Assesment and Analysis (0-100%)

During initial call / meeting = 30-45 minutes total

Intention is to understand current risk footing and risk management requirments going forward.  Key issues to cover might include: 
  • Experience with strategic outsourcing, level of executive support
  • Security and compliance issues
  • Risk managenment and resource availability to form initial (0-100%) intentions
Technology Assesment

Step 3:  Technology, Systems & Data Analysis

Supplimentary call / meeting #2 = 30-45 mins total

Intention is to understand current technology footprint, core capabilities  and requirements going forward.  Key issues to discuss might include:
  • IT policy and state of BPO (defined process, knowledge, workflows & analytics)
  • Status of ticket management, communication (omni-channel), and learning management systems
  • Status of executive data and analytics (cust sat, production, service levels)
People Resources Assesment

Step 4:  People Resources Plan (Tier 1-3 Resources)

Supplimentary call / meeting #2 = 30-45 mins total

Intention is to understand current people requirments to form a proper forecast based on scope of support operations and growth plans. Key issues to discuss might be: 
  • Define proper mix of OUR FTE's and YOUR FTE's for Mgmt and Tier 1-3
  • Onshore, near-shore and off-shore mix based on role definition
  • Onsite, offsite or work from home (Mix)
  • Other languages,geographical requirments, hours of operation and compliance

Solution Framework Document

Step 5:  Build Solution Framework Document

Document time line to produce = 1 week

Intention is to draft a "work in progress "document that clearly defines: 
  • Customers needs
  • Impact of current situation and plans forward
  • Initial defined PeopleCloud solution v1.0 capabilities & benefits vs needs
  • Budgets and financial analysis
  • Strategic roadmap and ROI impact over time via NPS operations
Go /  No-Go

Step 6:  Solution Review --> Go / No Go Decision

Supplimentary call / meeting #3 subject to customer's timeline

Intention is to provide prospective customer with thorough business case information to make the most informed decision possible
  • Review and revise solution framework document as needed with customer feedback
  • Produce final draft for "proposal submittal" for customer consideration
  • Standby for final "Go vs no-go" decision by customer

Step 7:  Go! Implementation and Project Management

Project Management

Document time line to produce = 1 week

If project is a "go", transition to a professionally managed project management
  • Assign Project management resources and transition team members
  • Define and ratify project managment plan and (roles, resources, tasks, timelines)
  • Define schedule and meeting cadence forward to support launch plan
  • Establish collaborative systems and tools
Operational Management 

Step 8:  Day to day operations

As needed, daily,  weekly and monthly operational communications for service delivery

We execute against operational plans. Communication, data and performance are continually passed between our organizations to maintain alignment

Key focus here is that day to day operations perform at or above expected levels with accountability
Strategic Partnership

Step 9:  Strategic Partnership process

Annnual and quarterly, strategic palnning process

 We conduct strategic sessions on a quarterly and annual basis to prioritize efforts based on your evolving strategic objectives.

Key focus here is that we strategically evolve model forward to Drive Net Promoter Scores and strategic value as a basis for strategic growth and competative advantage